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CodeRED Emergency Alerts - Coming Soon


After receiving feedback from many constituents, the Town of Jonesboro is excited to announce that we will begin rolling out the CodeRED emergency notification system throughout this month and officially launch July 1. Below, you'll find more information about what it means and what you should do.

What is CodeRED?

CodeRED is an emergency notification system that utilizes voice, text, and email alerts, targeted to specific constituent addresses, to alert constituents to emergencies, general information, and important weather information. These alerts will also include water-related emergency information, which includes boil advisories. (If CodeRED sounds familiar, this is the same system the Jackson Parish Sheriff's Office utilizes.)

What do I need to do?

We encourage you to sign up via this link: CodeRED.JonesboroLA.org.

I've already signed up for Town alerts, why should I sign up again?

We will automatically have the information you have submitted to us uploaded; however, by signing up through the link below, you can get notifications specific to your address. For example, if a water line bursts at First Street, only those affected will be notified instead of the entire city.

Further, by signing up, you will have the opportunity to create an account so you can edit your information again in the future, in the event you move, change numbers, or want to edit the notifications you receive.


I am already signed up to receive CodeRED notifications from the Jackson Parish Sheriff's Office, do I need to do anything to receive notifications from the Town?

No! You are already signed up to receive our alerts too.

What kind of notifications will I receive?

There are three types of notifications you will receive through CodeRED: emergency, general, and weather. Anyone signed up will automatically receive emergency notifications. General and weather notifications are optional.

Emergency notifications include boil advisories, water/power outages, street closures, gas/chemical spills, major traffic information such as a significant traffic accident causing major road closure and traffic detours, and other similar incidents of an urgent nature.

General notifications are optional and may include election reminders, festival information and other information of general interest.

Weather notifications are optional and include severe weather, like tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and flash floods.


Are there special notifications for businesses?

Yes. When signing up, just make sure to select "Business" instead of the defaulted "Residential."


My elderly neighbor/family member does not use the internet. Can they sign up in-person?

Absolutely. They can visit Town Hall and request to be added to the system, and we will take care of the rest.

When will CodeRED officially launch?

The Town will officially launch CodeRED on July, 1, 2017. Until then, we will be signing up constituents and running tests of the system.


What if I have more questions during the roll out?

If you have any more questions concerning CodeRED, please feel free to email nick@jonesborola.org or call Town Hall and ask to speak to Nick.