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Water Update for 1-19-18


WATER UPDATE - 1/19/18

Many customers have experienced water outages and low water pressure over the past few days. We believe this is primarily due to frozen pipes from the abnormally freezing temperatures we have recently experienced.

These frozen pipes have prohibited water from being transported to customers. Additionally, some pipes have cracked or broken due to the freezing temperatures, which has worsened the problem. As the pipe infrastructure continues to defrost, we expect additional repairs to be needed and will work to resolve those as quickly as we become aware of them.

In addition to frozen delivery pipes, the water supply that was available to customers was experiencing higher than usual demands, which quickly reduced the overall water pressure of the system.

We anticipate most issues and concerns to be resolved in a few days once water pressure is allowed to build to its normal capacity. In the meantime, we are addressing the problems as they arise.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has created, and we appreciate your patience with us as we work to resolve these issues. Once we resolve these issues, we will further research the causes and best practices available in an attempt to prevent it from occurring again.

The areas in the limited boil advisory, Walker Road and Durbin Circle, are still under a boil advisory. We will specifically notify you once the boil advisory has been rescinded.