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RELEASE: Mayor Launches Keep Jonesboro Beautiful Initiative



Mayor Launches Keep Jonesboro Beautiful Initiative

JONESBORO, La. - Mayor James Bradford and the Town of Jonesboro have launched the Keep Jonesboro Beautiful initiative in an effort to clean up the town and keep it clean.

“If you drive around Jonesboro, there are so many properties that are overgrown and are nuisances, and it just does not look good for the town,” said Mayor Bradford. “We are launching this initiative to clean up Jonesboro and keep it clean.”

Right now, the Town of Jonesboro is identifying properties that qualify as nuisances in the town and are requesting property owners to voluntarily clean up the properties.

“It is our hope that everyone in Jonesboro would come together and join us to make our community beautiful. Jonesboro is really growing, and to keep growing, we have to look the part,” Bradford said.

The Mayor’s office will continue to release information about this initiative as they roll it out, which includes plans to launch its first Clean Up Day and cleanest home competition to encourage making and keeping Jonesboro beautiful later this year.

Anyone who would like to report a nuisance or has questions or concerns is encouraged to contact Town Hall or visit JonesboroLA.org.