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Mayor Bradford's Letter to the Editor on Thrasher and Moffett Drives


Mayor Bradford has submitted the following Letter to the Editor to the Jackson Independent for publication.

Dear Editor: 

I am writing to inform you and your readers with updates on the progress we are making on Thrasher and Moffett Drives. These two streets were identified as needing critical repairs within our Town, and because the repairs were so critical, we decided to completely rebuild them.

On July 10, 2017, the construction projects on Thrasher and Moffett Drives began its first phase, with the whole project having forty-five days for completion.

After the streets’ asphalt was removed, phase two was set to begin; however, the contractors found soft spots in the streets’ dirt foundations, which required fixing. Unfortunately, rain began soon after, and it caused the street to become extremely muddy.

Here is what we have done to address concerns so far: We have drained the excess water from the street to our best ability and attempted to scatter some loose gravel to relieve some of the problems experienced; however, because the foundation was so soft, the gravel trucks were getting bogged down and were unable to fully spread the gravel.

Thankfully, to our knowledge, there have not been any life-threatening incidents or incidents prohibiting emergency services from reaching places they need to go.

I wish I could control the weather, but I cannot. While I am on the phone with the contractors daily to see where we are on the project and have demanded they prioritize our project, I want streets to be fixed quickly—but not in a rush where problems may arise months or years later.

Contrary to what people may think or say, work is being done on this project even if construction workers are not seen at a particular time. Furthermore, let me be clear and put this lie to rest, this project is fully funded and already appropriated in our budget. We did not run out of money.

I understand that people are frustrated—I am frustrated—but calling KNOE, KTVE, or Congressman Abraham is not going to change the weather. This project has already begun, and we are working hard to complete this project.

This is not a news story. It is a project delayed by rain.

Nevertheless, we are working hard to make progress and move forward, together. Sometimes, like now, progress creates inconveniences—but that will not stop us from continuing to move forward.

I ask for your patience. We are building a better Jonesboro, but it cannot happen overnight.


James E. Bradford, Mayor of Jonesboro