Report a Nuisance

It is the objective of the Town of Jonesboro to encourage a clean environment for our community. In an effort to meet this objective, we've created an online form available to report nuisances. 


In accordance with the Town of Jonesboro Municipal Code, Chapter 16, §16-2, nuisances are defined as:

  • An accumulation of rubbish, trash, refuse, junk and other abandoned materials, metals, lumber, or other things;
  • Any condition which provides harborage for rats, mice, snakes and other vermin;
  • Any building or other structure which is in such a dilapidated condition that it is unfit for human habitation, or kept in such an unsanitary condition that it is a menace to the health of people residing in the vicinity thereof, or presents a more than ordinarily dangerous fire hazard in the vicinity where it is located;
  • All unnecessary or unauthorized noises and annoying vibrations, including animal noises;
  • All disagreeable or obnoxious odors and stenches, as well as the conditions, substances or other causes which give rise to the emission or generation of such odors and stenches;
  • The carcasses of animals or fowl not disposed of within a reasonable time after death;
  • The pollution of any public well or cistern, stream, lake, canal or body of water by sewage, dead animals, creamery, industrial waste or other substances;
  • Any building, structure or other place or location where any activity which is in violation of local, state or federal law is conducted, performed or maintained;
  • Any accumulation of stagnant water permitted or maintained on any lot or piece of ground;
  • Dense smoke, noxious fumes, gas, soot or cinders, in unreasonable quantities.

§16-21:“It shall be unlawful for any person to store or abandon, sell any junk, wrecked or used automobiles or motor vehicles or parts thereof, or any other junk, discarded or abandoned major appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, ranges or machinery or other metal, tin or other discarded items on any vacant lot, or any unused portion thereof of any occupied lot, neutral ground, street or sidewalk unless such vacant lot, or unused portion of any occupied lot, is completely surrounded or enclosed by a board fence or other nontransparent solid view-breaking enclosure at least six (6) feet in height and properly maintained.”

§16-36: “The owners, tenants and occupants of all property situated within the town shall cut and remove all noxious grass, weeds and other growths growing thereon or on the sidewalks or banquettes abutting same, and shall keep such places free of such noxious grass, weeds, and other growths.”